Generative AI

At the heart of the transformation challenges facing private and public organizations, Generative AI is proving to be a technological double-edged sword: on the one hand, it offers unrivalled opportunities for innovation and competitiveness; on the other, it poses risks in terms of technological dependency and data security. With Cleyrop, develop your Generative AI use cases in an industrial, secure and sovereign framework.

No generative AI without Data!

Cleyrop adopts a data-centric philosophy when it comes to artificial intelligence, placing data at the heart of all its initiatives. This approach is based on the principles of data quality, accuracy and governance, essential to enable AI to learn, understand and make informed decisions.

Our platform is designed to assist companies in the development of their first AI use cases, by facilitating the collection, processing and storage of data in a secure and trusted environment. In addition, we offer advanced data governance solutions, eliminating concerns about information sharing and access management.

Thanks to our ML Ops capabilities, companies can develop and train models directly on our platform, before deploying them in production, enabling efficient industrialization of AI use cases.

Generative AI to democratize your data

The Cleyrop platform revolutionizes information access and analysis generation through the integration of an LLM assistant, an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed to democratize and radically transform the way you interact with data.

The LLM assistant enables you to explore, question and analyze all your data assets using natural language, giving business teams total autonomy to perform analysis and make informed decisions based on data.

Control and governance of usage

Cleyrop is an integrated platform that simplifies authorization management for the entire lifecycle of AI projects. The platform features versioning and data lineage capabilities, guaranteeing control at every stage of development, deployment and maintenance. Seamless collaboration is ensured, enabling secure sharing of AI data and assets, including LLM/ML models, dashboards and notebooks across different projects.

Tailor-made LLM models

Cleyrop facilitates the import of company-specific LLM models to create tailor-made models that meet the specific needs of organizations. The platform also integrates training, fine-tuning, testing and model release capabilities, enabling extensive model customization based on each company’s unique data and requirements. This functionality offers flexibility in shaping AI solutions and ensures seamless integration into organizations’ existing processes.

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