Streamline sensitive data exchanges, foster collaborative innovation, enhance patient journeys, and optimize operational efficiency in healthcare.

In the healthcare industry, time is the essence.

Whether improving patient care through continuous advancements or making accurate predictive diagnoses, accelerating the launch of new medications, optimizing supply chain management, achieving operational efficiency, or effectively managing crises, timely and informed decision-making is vital. However, unlocking the full potential of healthcare data poses several challenges for organizations:

  • Fragmentation and rapid growth of structured data (from connected devices, home sensors, mobile apps, and specialized software) and unstructured data (patient records, medical images)
  • Interoperability of systems
  • Ensuring data security and regulatory compliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the urgent need to share and utilize healthcare data within a secure and sovereign framework. Cleyrop is committed to helping healthcare groups, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies overcome these obstacles by offering the first-ever sovereign European DataHub that meets all the required standards of trust and security. This includes providing HDS (Health Data Hosting) services in France that are certified to ensure the highest level of data protection.

Use cases

Patient journey management and improvement

Collaboration, innovation, and R&D (private/public synergies, real-world data…)

Risk analysis and prediction

Supply chain management and anticipation of stockouts


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