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Cleyrop, 1st European DataHub
A trusted platform that enables and industrialize all your Data & AI use cases.
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Cleyrop enhances data exploration and improvement through an integrated generative AI assistant.

Redefine your access to business knowledge by incorporating LLM functionalities into the platform, making it easier to use and expanding new capabilities in production and analysis generation.


No AI without Data

High-performance AI requires unified, structured, reliable and secure data assets. Scattered data hampers model learning, while poorly structured data produces inaccurate results. Data reliability ensures accurate results, while governance guarantees regulatory compliance and the protection of sensitive information, maximizing the efficiency and completeness of use cases.


A unified, secure and sovereign platform

Cleyrop, a French software publisher, provides public and private organisations with a unified, secure Data platform for collecting, storing, transforming, analysing and displaying data, with advanced governance features providing the foundation for all generative AI applications.
All in a environnement sovereign, trusted environment.

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Platforme + Data services

At Cleyrop, we believe in simplicity. That’s why we offer flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing, including access to our platform, integration and data services. We also support our customers, on request, in the design and production of their use cases.

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The platform

A turnkey solution deployable as private SaaS, SaaS or On Premise.


Assurance of optimal implementation within your information sytem.


Guidance in developing your Data & AI use cases.

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Why Cleyrop ?


    A unified, intuitive platform for all your Data needs and all your teams, for secure collaboration and increased usage.


    A turnkey SaaS offering with a high level of guarantee and performance



    Sovereign European technology based on Privacy by Design standards and certifications (SecNumCloud, HDS)


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