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A secure and turnkey Data & AI platform to unlock all your use cases within a trusted framework.

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Democratize and industrialize the usage of your data

Reconciliation and exploitation projetcts have yielded fantastic results from their earliest stages. Whether through collaborative sharing, unexpected correlations, or the relevance of analyses and predictions, data is only beginning to reveal its full potential as a catalyst for value creation, innovation, and transformation. However, the volume, diversity, and heterogeneity of data and issues related to governance and protection present significant challenges for organizations.  

As the use of data becomes increasingly exciting while also presenting a strategic challenge, Cleyrop is committed to providing a trustworthy platform that empowers organizations to put data intelligence at the heart of their operations 

Gaia X

Cleyrop is a member of Gaia X.

Gaia X’s objective is to develop a sovereign cloud solution, built upon three unifying principles: transparency, sovereignty, and interoperability


A unified, secure and sovereign platform 

Cleyrop DataHub simplifies end-to-end data lifecycle management, everything from data collection and storage to governance, processing, exploitation, and visualization. By removing the complexity of orchestrating various services, Cleyrop ensures buy-in from all stakeholders and enables seamless collaboration across teams, from technical experts to business users, within secure project spaces for advanced data usage and industrialization of all your Data & AI use cases.  

Based on Kubernetes, our managed offering can be deployed on your premises or trusted SecNumCloud clouds, guaranteeing immunity to extraterritorial laws.  

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Platform + Data Services

At Cleyrop, we believe in simplifying the process for our clients. That’s why we offer a complete package that includes a subscription to the platform, integration, and data services. In addition, we provide on-demand support for the design and production of use cases.

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Cleyrop is a turnkey solution that can be deployed in private SaaS, SaaS, or on-premises.




Ensuring optimal implementation within your IS.  



We provide support in designing your Data & AI use cases.

Why Cleyrop ?


A unified and intuitive platform caters to all your data needs and teams, from data experts to business users, fostering secure collaboration and enabling numerous use cases.  


A turnkey SaaS offering is ready to be deployed in hours, providing high reliability and performance to help you scale all your Data & AI projects. 



European sovereign technology is built on Privacy by Design standards and certifications (SecNumCloud, HDS), as well as the interoperability and portability principles of Gaia-X, ensuring the highest levels of data


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