Public Institutions

Data, at the heart of the digital transformation of our institutions, is a strategic asset to protect, promote and share to better serve the general interest.

Data management is today a strategic and political issue for the public sector.

Whether at the local or national level, the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated, for the public service, the awareness that more effective use of data is essential to improve public policies. Ministries, communities, public establishments, hospitals or research institutes need to exploit the potential of public data to respond to the challenges of improving, modernizing or innovating their services to citizens.

From health to education, transport, ecological transition and national security, administrations must be able to collect, store and process their data securely. This is why Cleyrop has developed its DataHub, a complete and sovereign platform designed for the protection and valorization of data assets of general interest.

Use cases

Sharing information between public and private actors within a sector datahub

Innovation, new services and improved service quality

Managing and responding to mutations and crises

Risk management and fraud prevention


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