A turnkey platform for storage. governance. data science. analytics. generative AI.

Your challenge is to create value, exploit the potential of your data and keep control of it. Our role is to manage technological complexity to offer you a complete Data platform integrating state-of-the-art functionalities and the highest standards of security and sovereignty.

A unified data path

Cleyrop DataHub enables end-to-end data lifecycle management by abstracting the underlying complexity of orchestrating various services. The platform is designed to facilitate adoption across all your teams

It ensures collaboration for everyone, from technical experts to business users, within secure project spaces, enabling advanced usage of your data and the industrialization of your Data & AI use cases.

Governance & Collaboration

Unleash the potential of your data assets and organize them within a trusted framework

Cleyrop enables teams to collaborate with advanced tagging and notification capabilities within separate project spaces. A secure catalog system facilitates business users’ exploration, search, and comprehension of data and multiplies use cases. 

This collaboration is supported by integrated governance within the platform. Thanks to user rights management, in compliance with your security policy, as well as authorization engines, Cleyrop ensures perfect control over access to stored data, even the most sensitive ones. 


Ingestion & Storage

A single, unified and secure point of access to your data.

Cleyrop collects data from various sources (open data, databases, data warehouses/lakes, business applications…) in an industrial manner through a library of connectors and multiple entry points (sftp, push APIs…). With just a few clicks, you can add sources and datasets to initiate your first use cases.

The integrated storage infrastructure simplifies your Data architecture management, enabling cost control while ensuring security and consistency of your data.

Processing & Exploration

Make it easy for Data teams and business users to work with integrated end-to-end services

Cleyrop platform lets you design, organize, and manage the execution of all jobs and pipelines through Data Flows, with features like sequencing, scheduling, and variable application.

Data teams can develop various models and processing scripts directly through integrated IDEs like Jupyter. They can work in parallel and version all modifications using Git. Business teams can explore and analyze data through Python and SQL queries. 

Data Science

Unlock the full potential of your data with integrated tools.

Cleyrop natively integrates data science tools, including Jupyter Notebooks, to facilitate the development and deployment of machine learning algorithms.

The platform fosters collaboration through GIT integration, enabling data scientists and business teams to work jointly on model creation, exploration and analysis in a common, secure development environment.

Analysis & Display

Unlock the power of your data and make data analysis accessible to everyone.

Cleyrop’s intuitive analytical interface makes creatingcompelling data apps and visualizations (dashboards, reports etc.) easy without coding or design skills. You can use pre-built applications to accelerate the creation of use cases and turn complex data into clear, actionable insights. The platform allows you to export data in different file formats that can be used with third-party tools. 

As a trusted third party, Cleyrop also enables you to share your Data Apps with external partners in your organization, fostering innovation and value creation within your ecosystem. 


Sécurité - Compliance Européenne

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Built-in security standards and continious usage monitoring.

Cleyrop is designed with security and privacy-by-design principles to enable the processing of highly sensitive data in compliance with French and European regulations such as the GDPR and Data Act. Our 100% European technology guarantees immunity from extraterritorial laws. 

Cleyrop’s Cloud-Native Gaia-X architecture offers transparency and independence from a single cloud provider. Based on Kubernetes, our managed offering can be deployed on your infrastructure or trusted SecNumCloud sovereign clouds, providing secure data hosting within Europe. 

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