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Global Approach

At Cleyrop, we believe in keeping things simple. We recognize that sovereign technological offerings are still emerging and fragmented, That's why we offer an all-in-one solution that includes providing a technology platform and its associated services.

1. The Platform

Cleyrop’s comprehensive architecture includes all the features you need to cover the entire data value chain. Our technologies are made available in secure, ready-to-use environments. The Cleyrop platform can be deployed as a Private SaaS, SaaS, or On-Premises solution.

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2. Integration

Cleyrop handles the technical integration of its platform into your information system, including secure network interconnection, security strategy integration, and identification and connection to all your data sources. 


3. Consulting

Our Services team assists you in developing and deploying your data strategy by: 

  • Identifying and designing use cases that meet your challenges 

  • Implementing effective data governance that is tailored to your organization. 

Our goal is to democratize data usage by ensuring that the platform is adopted by as many users as possible while promoting the industrialization and value creation of your Data & AI projects. 

We offer three different subscription plans to choose from

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