Who are we ?

Brighten the future

At a time when data use is becoming exciting and concerning, Cleyrop asserts its ambitions: to be a collective, diverse, and citizen-driven company that offers a complete, unified, industrial, and secure data platform. We say yes to the massive use of data, the fantastic potential of their exploitation, transparency and sharing, and a Europe of data!

Our genesis

A quartet with complementary expertise

Cleyrop’s origins began with the collective Codata, a group of around sixty volunteer companies who came together to offer their expertise in data and AI to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognizing the absence of a French or even European solution covering the entire data value chain, four Codata entrepreneurs joined forces in 2020 to fill this gap. Jérôme VALAT (founder of oXya), Arnaud MULLER (founder of Saagie), Lauren SAYAG, and Stéphane MESSIKA (founders of Kynapse) formed the core team behind

This marks Cleyrop’s birth.

Our mission

Simplifying and democratizing access to data 

The first data exploitation projects in healthcare, research, energy, and more fields have already produced fantastic results from their initial stages. Whether through collaborative sharing, unexpected correlations, or the analysis’s relevance, data is only beginning to reveal its full potential. And the best is yet to come! Data must become a part of everyday use for everyone so that every company or organization can put data intelligence at the heart of its decisions and operations. 

Raw, sensitive, complex data… our mission is to make data accessible to as many people as possible in order to multiply its uses. 


Our ambition

Becoming the leading European Data partner 

With the exponential growth of data and its uses, a comprehensive and unique entry point is essential for organizations to adapt to their constantly evolving environment. That’s why we aim to offer a simple, turnkey, and sovereign solution with a high level of services. 

Cleyrop is proud to be the first European and industrial alternative that enables organizations to become data-driven in a trusted environment.