Cleyrop opens the second chapter of its story with a new funding round of over €10 million.

8 Jun 2023 | Press

What if Europe finally had a place in the data market? The excitement and concerns surrounding the launch of Chat GPT have clearly demonstrated collective awareness of the power and risks associated with data and artificial intelligence. Deeply convinced that data should be used to illuminate the future, Cleyrop is building a trusted technological alternative to enable organizations to use data to address tomorrow’s major challenges. With its comprehensive, industrial, and secure data platform, it aims to become the partner for large private corporations and public institutions for end-to-end data management. Indeed, several prominent organizations have already placed their trust in Cleyrop for their software infrastructure or R&D projects, such as Atout France (Ministry of Tourism), MIPIH, and ACPR. With this new funding round of over €10 million, the young company, founded in 2020, is opening a new chapter in its history in alignment with its value proposition: democratizing and industrializing data usage within a secure framework of trust, and continuing its strategy of profitable and responsible growth at the European level.

Serving the greater story at our scale

Founded under the impetus of the CoData collective, an association of French tech companies offering their expertise, infrastructure, data, and AI technologies to public actors, Cleyrop is one of the pioneering economic players in the quest for more accessible, useful, and responsible data. Cleyrop aims to prove that an all-in-one, user-friendly, innovative, and scalable data platform can serve as an alternative to American solutions, with trust as an added advantage.

Thanks to a new round of funding, the four founders, Lauren SAYAG, Stéphane MESSIKA (founders of Kynapse), Arnaud MULLER (founder of Saagie), and Jérôme VALAT (founder of oXya), are more determined than ever to continue on this path:

“Our product roadmap is ambitious, featuring disruptive technological innovations in collaboration with the academic and scientific community, such as generative AI for public or private decision-makers, and the deployment of ‘Green IT’ features. We also aim to obtain the highest security certifications in compliance with French and European regulations, such as SecNumCloud, for which we have the support of ANSSI. Our development is based on a profitable growth strategy driven by trust-based relationships and long-term partnerships with the private and public sectors, both at the French and European levels,” says Jérôme Valat, co-founder and CEO of Cleyrop.

Their goal is simple: to sustainably and ethically support their clients’ data strategies throughout the data lifecycle (collection, storage, governance, processing, visualization). To achieve this, Cleyrop addresses all dimensions: a unified data journey and product experience to expand usage, an industrial foundation to ensure scalability and the processing of large volumes, full compliance with European regulations, and strong ESG commitments (carbon footprint, gender equality, diversity, etc.). This value proposition is believed in by Cleyrop’s new investors, such as KEEN Venture Partners (a Dutch investment fund), Crédit Agricole, Normandie Participations, a Family Office, as well as Bpifrance, which supports innovation with tailored financing solutions, while Cleyrop records strong growth with profitability targeted by 2024.

“Cleyrop enables organizations to centralize data in their decision-making processes through numerous use cases within a secure and sovereign framework, representing an invaluable source of value for many French and European organizations,” says Ben Verwaayen, General Partner at Keen Venture Partners.

For a positive impact of data

“We want to place data at the heart of organizations, unleash its potential, and enable informed decision-making to accelerate major issues such as healthcare innovation and ecological transition,” says Lauren Sayag, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Cleyrop.

Cleyrop is currently collaborating with the Caisse des Dépôts Group on the TechSprint challenge aimed at promoting the development of innovative data services to accelerate the country’s ecological transition. With its client Atout France, the agency responsible for the tourism development of France, Cleyrop is developing France Tourisme Observation, a shared data platform for the tourism industry. One of its use cases will involve creating a sustainable tourism barometer to measure, manage, and predict various improvement areas (transport, energy, water, etc.) within the industry.

In the healthcare sector, Cleyrop is collaborating with MIPIH, the first French HDS-certified hosting provider, to provide hospitals with predictive and management capabilities for facility performance and patient experience optimization. This collaboration also aims to facilitate data sharing for medical and scientific research.

“Capacity for predicting attendance and absenteeism, inventory management and anticipation, analysis and optimization of the care journey… All these digital transformation challenges rely on the valorization of the same resource: healthcare data,” says Stéphane Messika, co-founder and President of Cleyrop.

Chapter 2: The European Ambition

While Cleyrop’s commitment at the national level is unquestionable (partnering with the Choiseul Institute on their Sovereignty initiative, leading a think tank of decision-makers on technological independence), the company also asserts its desire to defend Europe’s technological independence. It is a member of Gaia-X and participates in several large-scale European R&D projects, such as:

EDHISI, a project funded by France 2030 as part of the “Development and Strengthening of the French and European Cloud Sector” call for expressions of interest (AMI) operated by Bpifrance to build the first sovereign Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.
SIMPL, a project to create middleware for future European Data Spaces.
SHIFT, the establishment of a Smart Innovation Hub paving the way for the future federated European healthcare data space.
Cleyrop also co-leads, along with its partner 3DS Outscale, the Training & Innovation working group of the Responsible Digital Sector Strategic Committee launched by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.

“Cleyrop carries out its mission of security and freedom of movement of sensitive personal and industrial data at the European level in alignment with the DSA, DMA, DGA, and soon the AI ACT. We are proud of this European ambition: to protect and unleash our potential from any dependence, in order to see the emergence of a new digital trust sector,” says Arnaud Muller, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Cleyrop.

While it all began in Normandy, where its R&D teams are based and where many new hires are expected, Europe has become the playing field on which Cleyrop aims to compete with American players, with more than 50% of its revenue expected to come from outside France by 2025. It aspires to be one of the European champions driving the new challenges of digital transformation, which are more economically, socially, and ecologically responsible.

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About Cleyrop:

As the first European DataHub, Cleyrop is an end-to-end data management software that provides public and private organizations with a central and secure platform for data collection, storage, transformation, analysis, and visualization, along with advanced governance features. The platform fosters adoption and collaboration within isolated project spaces to democratize and industrialize the use of data and AI within a trusted framework.

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About Keen Venture:

Keen Venture Partners is an investment firm based in Amsterdam and London that invests in European start-ups and scale-ups. Keen supports exceptional teams and high-growth technology companies from Seed to Series B. Keen follows a thematic approach, formulating investment theses based on underlying technological trends in specific domains. At the first encounter with founders, Keen shares its network of operators, experience, and capabilities before making investments. Its portfolio consists of over 20 start-ups and scale-ups across Europe.

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Crédit Agricole Innovates in Normandy (CA’IN) has been a joint subsidiary of the two Normandy regional branches of Crédit Agricole (Normandie and Normandie-Seine) since 2017. It supports innovative start-ups in the territory. This venture capital fund has a total envelope of €8 million with investment tickets ranging from €50,000 to €350,000 (including reinvestment), in the form of shares or bonds. The fund’s goal is to support Normandy start-ups throughout their seed stage and facilitate their connections with internal Crédit Agricole group development capital stakeholders. Beyond the profitability of its investments, CA’IN considers success indicators to be job creation in Normandy and increased attractiveness of the region. CA’IN is a minority co-investor and does not interfere in the management decisions of the portfolio start-ups.

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About Normandie Participations:

Established in 2016 by the Normandy Region, Normandie Participations has an investment capacity of €100 million. As a reference regional investor, the investment fund positions itself as a benevolent and long-term partner for Normandy companies. It addresses all financing needs: Innovation Capital, Development Capital, Transmission Capital (MBO/MBI and minority position buyouts). Since its inception, it has supported 80 companies with €50 million invested, thanks to a team of 10 people.

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