Webinar – Cloud & Data Protection

21 Dec 2022 | Events

Cleyrop and the IT LAW AVOCAT law firm invite you to discuss the risks and opportunities related to the adoption of cloud and data protection.

By extending the information system beyond the company’s walls, the Cloud has introduced a vast field of opportunities but also a high level of complexity in risk management. This complexity is even more pronounced in a Cloud market dominated by non-European actors.

Since then, European regulations, adopted or forthcoming, combined with national or extended judicial decisions, have disrupted considerations. Added to this are also postures, political statements, commercial interests… All of this creates a fog in which it is quite difficult to navigate.

ITLAW Avocats and CLEYROP offer you the opportunity to share legal expertise and an operational perspective on these issues to move away from fantasies and marketing speeches and to provide pragmatic and concrete insights.

To register: http://bit.ly/3P3Scvb.

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