Cleyrop receives the Cap Digital label for its Ogma project developed in partnership with CEA List, Ekimetrics, and La Forge.

30 Oct 2023 | Press

The development of generative AI technologies is on the brink of revolutionizing the way public and private organizations conduct their business. While they offer enormous potential for applications, many technological barriers and risks hinder their use. Cleyrop, a French publisher and winner of French Tech 2030, has partnered with CEA List, Ekimetrics, and La Forge to overcome these barriers and bring the power of AI to French organizations, enabling them to increase the efficiency, speed, and objectivity of their decision-making within a sovereign and trustworthy framework. With the Ogma project, the consortium aims to develop an AI solution that can answer any question posed in natural language by drawing from the organization's data heritage and open data.

A consortium representing the cream of the sovereign Data/AI ecosystem

The consortium awarded the Cap Digital label includes expert members like Cleyrop, publisher of a sovereign data platform; CEA-LIST, CEA’s Text and Image Semantic Analysis Laboratory; Ekimetrics France, the French leader in Data Science; and La Forge, a Product Studio specializing in the development of AI software products. They also benefit from the support of renowned industrial and institutional partners, notably the Health Data Hub, a public entity facilitating access to health data for improving care quality, and Reporters Without Borders, an association promoting freedom, pluralism, and independence in journalism. The IHU FOReSIGHT, accelerating research and access to therapeutic innovations in ophthalmology, also joins as a business partner, enabling the utilization of ophthalmological data through natural language queries. The DataLab of the Crédit Agricole group, a cutting-edge technological hub dedicated to DATA & AI projects, will play the role of beta-tester for the solution.

Cleyrop, as the project leader, is developing a secure SaaS data management platform, covering all data lifecycle functionalities, from data collection to hosting, processing, and analysis. This centralized solution is designed for the industrialization and democratization of data and AI projects. The Ogma project fits into Cleyrop’s strategy to democratize data access and usage in a trusted framework.

OGMA: A trusted environment and data mastery for organizations

The OGMA project aims to revolutionize how we search, relate, sort, verify, reformulate, summarize, and present information, leveraging rapidly growing NLP and GenAI capabilities. It targets potential use cases like quick information access, task automation, decision-making improvement, and content generation.

OGMA aspires to build a sovereign generative AI offering for businesses, fostering a trusted environment and data mastery. It seeks to enhance knowledge mastery among professionals and citizens while improving the trust and security of generative AI in business. The project commits to incorporating responsible AI principles, including transparency, security, interpretability, explainability, vigilance, robustness, and sustainability.

OGMA’s three key elements include a robust, secure, and sovereign infrastructure; a high-performance open-source generative AI software library; and deployment across business uses, thus facilitating the adoption of these emerging technologies in businesses and public services.

Ogma: Contributing to the national strategy for AI and the public good

With the Cap Digital label in hand, the OGMA consortium is poised to take on the challenge of widespread adoption of generative AI solutions, thus offering new opportunities for businesses and public services to leverage these emerging technologies.

“The project has a very high innovative potential: a new type of service for the French industry will be offered through architectural integration and methodological specification efforts. A very important project, faced with numerous scientific, technical, and usage barriers. The project led by Cleyrop and its partners aligns well with Cap Digital’s roadmap on digital trust, frugality, and sovereignty challenges. Cap Digital assures its support for the project and will accompany the consortium, participating in disseminating results throughout the project,” states Charles Huot, President of Cap Digital Competitiveness Cluster.

With this in mind, the consortium aims to be a stakeholder in the second phase of the national AI strategy, emphasizing the transformation of research and development potentials into economic successes. In this context, they are responding at the end of the year to the new call for projects for the provision of “digital commons for generative AI” launched by France 2030, BPI, and DGE. An ambitious industrial and academic research approach, aiming to surpass the state of the art while ensuring operational performance.


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