Cleyrop X Atout France: the Data Hub for the tourism industry

7 Feb 2024 | News

Tourism in France, representing around 7.5% of national GDP, faced major challenges in 2020 due to the global crisis, with a total closure of borders and a halt to tourist activities. This situation highlighted the shortcomings of the tourism industry, which was faced with a lack of statistical tools and a steering platform to effectively measure and support a diversified and widely dispersed sector.


Atout France is France’s tourism development agency. Its mission is to strengthen the competitiveness and appeal of France as a destination by providing tourism professionals with tools for observing and understanding the situation on the various international tourism markets, enabling them to better manage their business and refine their development strategy and services. Their mission is to support the development, quality and excellence of hospitality in France, while contributing to job creation and helping project developers improve their services.

France Tourisme Observation : A data hub for the tourism industry

The aim of France Tourisme Observation is to structure and enhance the value of tourism data, so that stakeholders can gain a better understanding of the sector. This project marked a turning point for the French tourism industry, responding to several challenges:

  1. Enhance knowledge of the tourism offer as a whole, including sustainable development and investment issues;
  2. Develop new indicators : real-time economic conditions, carbon emissions monitoring, social impact of tourism, quality and satisfaction… ;
  3. Improve our knowledge of post-Covid trends with a view to the future, so as to better target promotional campaigns and anticipate customer trends.

Numerous data of a cyclical, structural and prospective nature are co-produced with public and private players in French tourism, including in particular ADN Tourisme, the Banque des Territoires, INSEE, the Banque de France and numerous ministries and professional sectors. They can be accessed online, under certain conditions, via the “France Tourisme Observation” Data Hub.


Why Cleyrop ?

Faced with a project of this scale, the choice of technology partner was crucial: one that ticked all the boxes: reliability, quality, innovation and sovereignty. Atout France prioritized two imperatives in its specifications: on the one hand, trust and data sovereignty, and on the other, the capacity for immediate start-up and mutual growth with the partner.

Cleyrop, selected for this collaboration, perfectly met these requirements. The solution offered a secure and trusted framework, essential for both public and private players whose data is extremely valuable. The proposal was also in line with Atout France’s vision, guaranteeing that data would be used exclusively for the general interest.

In addition, the coincidence of Cleyrop’s beginnings with the launch of the project enabled parallel growth and development, favoring technological adaptation and tailor-made service.


Cleyrop’s added value

Since the beginning of the collaboration, Cleyrop has made a significant contribution to Atout France, particularly in terms of support. The creation of a data team within Atout France, with no prior expertise in this field, required a partner capable of not only providing technology, but also training, listening and support.

Cleyrop distinguished itself by its collaborative approach, engaging Atout France in constant dialogue, encouraging the emergence of specific needs and the integration of new functionalities into the project.

In addition to providing support, Cleyrop played a crucial role in terms of technology watch and innovation. In a sector undergoing constant transformation, it was vital for Atout France to have an overview of future developments and potential disruptive technologies. Cleyrop helped identify upcoming features and innovations, enabling Atout France to update its own roadmap and integrate new services into its catalog.

Thanks to Cleyrop, Atout France was able not only to develop a robust data strategy for tourism, but also to position itself at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation.


Use cases

As part of their platform, the team has developed around 25 use cases, each with different levels of maturity. Among the many use cases, here are four examples of projects developed thanks to Cleyrop:

Open-air hotels

Objective : Disposer d’un suivi hebdomadaire et territorialisé de la fréquentation observée et prévisionelle de l’Hôtellerie de Plein Air en France.

Challenge : Gestion de volumes énormes de données de réservations de campings avec les données de plus de 1200 campings pour plus de 10 million de sejours analysés. 

Key results : 

  • Detailed analysis of campsite clientele (e.g. geographical origin of Ardèche customers).
  • Ability to identify trends beyond end-of-season assessments.

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The sustainable tourism scoreboard

Objective : Évaluer l’impact environnemental du tourisme. 

Méthod : Utilisation des données de l’agence ORE, compilant les informations des fournisseurs d’électricité en France. 

Résultats clés : 

  • Mesure de la consommation énergétique des secteurs de l’hébergement touristique.
  • Insights sur les zones touristiques et régions montagneuses, particulièrement énergivores durant l’hiver. 
Intentions de voyage

Objectif : Disposer d’une application centralisée de données d’intentions de voyage obtenues à partir des enquêtes. 

Méthode : L’application exploite les données des enquêtes TCI et et Opinion Way, des enquêtes mutualisés avec les Comités Régionaux du Tourisme en France. 

Key results : 

  • Analysis by nationality of trends in travel intentions for international and national customers, as well as destination countries and, in France, the host region.
  • Knowledge of the type of leisure travel by destination.
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Socio-tourism project

Objective : Analyser l’emploi dans le secteur touristique. 

Méthod : Utilisation des données de l’URSSAF, remontant à 1998. 

Key results : 

  • Variations in employment and remuneration in different sub-sectors (accommodation, catering, travel agencies).
  • Level of detail by commune (number of campsites, casinos, employees, salaries).

“What Cleyrop enables is total integration of data, from its acquisition to its clear restitution to partners. This ability to manage the entire data process – from collection to processing and visualization – is a major asset. It enables us not only to gain an in-depth understanding of the tourism industry, but also to implement informed strategies for its sustainable and socio-economic development”.


Visual Impact of Applications

One of the most appreciated aspects of working with Cleyrop is the striking visual effect of the final applications. These renderings have a strong impact, especially when presented to people discovering the platform for the first time. Being able to show in an instant the energy consumption of all campsites and hotels in France on a map is often a source of amazement.

This ability to transform complex data into clear, intuitive visual representations is fundamental. It enables novices to easily understand and interact with this data, making the experience both instructive and fun.


Focus on “No Code”

One of Atout France’s most eagerly awaited developments in Cleyrop is the evolution of data processing capabilities in “no code” mode. This feature will considerably simplify data processing, making it accessible even to partners with no technical skills. The aim is to enable a wider range of users to take advantage of the platform’s capabilities without having to learn programming languages such as Python or SQL.


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