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12 Jul 2021 | Press

Interview from May 24, 2021

Cleyrop, Europe’s first turnkey DataHub, raises 4 million euros

Created in December 2020, the Cleyrop platform provides a concrete, sovereign and secure response to the issues involved in industrializing data management and adding value. Cleyrop has just raised 4 million euros.

Cleyrop offers :

  • a single access portal to data and a scalable application suite for ingesting, storing, processing, exploiting and visualizing data. Partner applications: Saagie, Ekimetrics, Opendatasoft, Toucan Toco.
  • a range of functionalities and partner solutions for governing, cataloguing, orchestrating, supervising and monitoring data and data processing. Partner applications: Saagie, Opendatasoft, Sekoia, Cosmian, DataGalaxy.
  • functions to facilitate backup and restore, migration and infrastructure changes (Data Continuity). Partner solutions include : Outscale, Scaleway, OVHCloud.
  • strong adaptation and integration capabilities, thanks to a network of preferred integrator partners such as Kynapse, Groupe Open and La Forge.

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