Launch of the EDHISI project funded by the government as part of France 2030.

2 Mar 2023 | Events

Cleyrop selected by BPI France as part of the call for expressions of interest for the development of the French and European Cloud sector, alongside 3DS Outscale, IMT Teralab, and the Engie Group.

On the decision of the Prime Minister, BPI France confirms the financing of the collective future project for European data management sovereignty around Gaia-X.

The government has clarified its doctrine on trusted cloud and now expresses a strong willingness to prioritize cloud usage for administrations as much as possible, while also seeking ‘trusted’ solutions qualified with ANSSI’s SecNumCloud certification.

The Work Package dedicated to SecNumCloud certification of the infrastructure (IAAS) and managed data services (PAAS) is of significant interest to future French clients because it guarantees, in addition to sovereignty, the highest level of security currently available on the market.

Thanks to the partnership of the combined teams from Cleyrop, Outscale, and IMT Teralab, France is emerging with a sovereign Cloud and Data offering in compliance with European standards. This initiative is in line with the evolving European landscape of data spaces.

The EDHISI Project: European Data Hub Infrastructure & Service Initiative

Cleyrop joins this ambitious 24-month R&D program with the goal of enhancing the secure data services layer of ‘trusted’ European clouds.

“Our strategic ambition is to build the first industrial and sovereign Platform As A Service (PaaS) offering, SecNumCloud certified for data. It is based on the principles of openness, portability, and transparency of Gaia-X,” says Arnaud Muller, CEO and co-founder of Cleyrop.

Cleyrop provides a dedicated cloud environment for each client, with completely isolated access to operate critical data projects by unifying IaaS infrastructure services and PaaS data services.

This is a practical application for users demanding the highest level of security and operational excellence.

Cleyrop’s goal is to test and validate over the next two years the consistency of the functionalities developed within the project with user needs and their compliance with the Gaia-X and IDSA frameworks.

Analyzing gaps, accelerating collaborative innovation

Most French clouds currently offer, in their range of secure and private hosting, services mainly oriented towards ‘Infrastructure As A Service,’ requiring a significant load of integration and evolving maintenance of the services needed to power a next-generation data analysis platform.

In contrast, American PAAS providers directly offer services in the highest security standards, such as Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift, Microsoft HD Insight – or indirectly with partners like DataBricks or SnowFlake. This maturity gap between sovereign and American offers has so far largely favored the choice of the latter by most clients.

To reduce the risks associated with dependence on American or Chinese infrastructure, the market is awaiting a European alternative. This is the case for the Health Data Hub and the Engie Group, as well as the vast majority of CAC40 actors, all ready to test and validate the results of the R&D program within Cleyrop’s EDHISI project.

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